Advice For Future Homecomers

September 13 - November 10
Exhibition and program series at People’s Liberty
1805 Elm St. | 10am-4pm Thursday-Saturday

Wave Pool is thrilled to organize the final exhibit in the People’s Liberty storefront, aimed at inviting reflection and exchange around homecoming and what it looks like to engage in our changing communities with thoughtfulness and care.

Artists include The Archive of Creative Culture, Elese Daniel, Lizzy Duquette, Llewelynn Fletcher, Christian Schmit, and Catherine Whithead. The exhibition and programs are curated by Calcagno Cullen of Wave Pool.

9/13, 6-9pm: Opening Reception and Pretzel Tasting
Every Friday and Saturday, 9-11am: Pretzel Baking Workshops with Christian Schmit
Every Friday and Saturday, 12pm until no more pretzels: Pretzel Cart Activation
10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/8, all at 8pm: Puppet Shows with Lizzy DuQuette
10/19, 2-4pm: Panel Discussion with Asa Featherstone, James Luckett, Christian Schmit, and Kate Zaiden
10/24, 6-9pm: Poetry and Pretzel Knot Class with Elese Daniel and Christian Schmit
11/15, location and time TBD: Discussion with Amy Franceschini and Lode Vranken from Future Farmers

Totem for Diagonal Resistance: Animal Intelligence

Totem for Diagonal Resistance: Animal Intelligence

ANYTIME DEPT: AD 2019 Cincinnati Edition

June 22 - July 28, 2019

Psyched to be invited to be in this lineup as the fabulous Anytime Dept holds their last exhbiition in their current incarnation:

M’Shinda Abdullah-Broadus, Keith Benjamin, Britni Bicknaver, Amanda Curreri, Mark Dejong, Welly Fletcher, Kelly Kroener, Jesse Ly, Jordan Tate

Totem for Diagonal Resistance: Cincinnati 3-way,  2019  waterjet, patinated steel on clay slab 4" X 2.75" X .75"

Totem for Diagonal Resistance: Cincinnati 3-way, 2019

waterjet, patinated steel on clay slab 4" X 2.75" X .75"

OPEN SOURCE 1.4 at the Carnegie

THANK YOU to fabulous curator (and friend) Sso-Rha Kang for including me in the final iteration of Open Source at the Carnegie Galleries.

Open Source 1.4 will feature more than 120 works from 52 artists selected by 11 curators. The Carnegie’s season invited guest curators to engage with artists from around the region to present objects and installations in a continuously evolving gallery environment. As new artists and curators were introduced into the process, new contexts and groupings emerged from the pairing of objects that remain from previous Open Source installments.

guest curators: Jessica Caponigro, Matt Coors, Annie Dell’Aria, Matt Distel, Sso-Rha Kang, Sarabel Santos Negron, Linda Schwartz, Maria Seda-Reeder, Sarah Rose Sharp, C.M. Turner, and Cori Wolff